Showering with Love

Hello Friends!

First, let me start by saying that I know we, as bloggers, should never apologize for not posting…but I feel like I have to!  We are now less than three weeks away from the wedding (when did that happen!?) and it has totally consumed my life!  I absolutely love it and wouldn’t have it any other way but, as I have noticed, if I’m not at work or teaching a Jazzercise class, I am making favors, making dinner tags, making programs, checking and rechecking my RSVP list, and all of that other fun stuff…all while trying to keep up with the house and keep my police officer happy with dinners every couple of nights.  Anyway…my goal is to have everything done in the next two weeks so I can just chill out the week of the wedding.  We shall see how that pans out!

Moving on…this Monday is particularly hard because I am coming off of a weekend that was full of love, friendship, family, laughter, and fun!!  This past Saturday was my wedding shower and I cannot thank my bridesmaids enough for putting together the cutest little get-together!  I tried to keep my shower small so it was not a big extravaganza but it included all of the people that mean the most to me and that is all that matters!  I started off my morning with coffee in a ‘Love’ mug to get in the spirit! Continue reading “Showering with Love”

Fitness Friday

Hello hello everyone!  It’s Friday!  Thank goodness!

Today, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite workouts that I use
often.  I miss it right now because I am currently training for my half-marathon
with a lot of running (hmmm…imagine that!)!!!  This workout incorporates both
strength training and cardio and it includes some of my favorite strength
training moves.

{Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and all information is strictly from what I have learned through being an aerobics instructor and my own personal opinion about what works best for me.  Please consult a professional  before starting any new exercise program.}

Strength training is one of my favorites things to incorporate into my workouts.  I think it is critical for women to use strength training and take advantage of all of the wonderful benefits that it offers.  First, regular strength training has been shown to increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.  For me, this benefit hits home because my mom has shown signs that she is experiencing the beginning stages of osteoporosis, specifically in her hips.  My mom is in her mid-50s and is a tiny lady, which is one reason why she is prone to show these signs.  My mom is very active and regularly walks and strength trains with weights.  She figures that anything that may prevent her osteoporosis from getting worse is worth a shot!  In addition to the positive effects strength training has on bone density, it also does wonders for muscles and tendons.  The stronger we are in these areas, the less likely we are to be injured.  This is especially important as we become older.

source google

When it comes to muscle, I know a lot of women out there are concerned about what they will look like if they start weight training.  They are afraid that they will bulk up and put on weight.  It’s important to remember that a woman’s body does not naturally bulk up and build muscle like a man’s does.  With proper training and the dedication it takes to become a body builder, it is possible, but the average woman participating in a strength training routine will not put on that much muscle.  Instead, the training builds lean muscle mass, which makes the body look more toned and lean, just like its name implies!

Finally, strength training helps to build a strong foundation and core and helps your body burn calories more efficiently.  Every pound of lean muscle mass burns calories.  The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn, making your workouts more effective!  It is a great way to train because virtually anyone can do it.  Expensive gym equipment is not needed as you can just use your own body as resistance in addition to using small equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, and kettle balls.  It is so easy to tailor strength training workouts according to your needs!

source google

This workout routine combines cardio with strength training and provides a way to work your entire body.  I use this routine often and it is one of my favorites!

Monday: Cardio
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 20 minute Jog on treadmill
• 10 minute Stationary Bike
• 10 minute Elliptical trainer
• 5 minute Cool down

Tuesday: Upper Body
• 8 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 3 sets Lat pulldowns
• 3 sets Dumbbell front raises
• 3 sets Bicep curls
• 3 sets Triceps pushdowns with rope
• 3 sets Dumbbell lateral raises
• 10 minute Cool down on treadmill

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Cardio
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 20 minute Jog on treadmill
• 10 minute Stationary Bike
• 10 minute Elliptical trainer
• 5 minute Cool down on treadmill

Friday:  Lower Body
• 10 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 3 sets Squats on Bosu ball (LOVE my Bosu!)
• 3 sets Dumbbell lunges
• 3 sets Seated Calf raises
• 3 sets Kneeling arm and alternating leg kicks
• 3 sets hamstring curl with ball
• 5 minute Cool down on treadmill

Saturday: Core
• 3 sets Plank on Stability ball
• 3 sets Kneeling rollout with ball
• 3 sets crunches on Stability ball
• 3 sets Plank with alternating legs
• 3 sets Reverse crunches
• 3 sets Back extensions

There ya have it!  If anyone has any questions about any of the moves and how to do them, please let me know!  It’s a killer routine and will hit every muscle you have!  Perfect!

Here’s to an awesome Friday!  I’ll see you all later today!  ;-)

Do you strength train?  If you do, how many times a week do you do it?  What are some of your favorite strength training moves?

Let’s HIIT It

Good morning!!  Happy Tuesday!

Recently, my schedule at work changed slightly and now, on Tuesdays, I am either off or I start late around one o’clock.  Normally, I am an early riser and I enjoy getting my day started at the crack of dawn so I can be home in the early afternoon, however, I always welcome a little change to switch things up!  I absolutely love mornings and, because I’m usually at work before the sun comes up, I don’t get to relax and enjoy them as much as I like….but, now, with my new schedule, I know I’ll have at one morning a week to savor!



We have been experiencing a cold front around here and actually experienced some snow flurries yesterday.  I know.  Doesn’t that sound just completely awful?  I love all the seasons but I am more than ready for summer to be here!  This morning was chilly but the sun was warm which made it bearable, but I decided to keep my workout inside with one of my favorites…






I decided to do the HIIT 20 class.  I absolutely love the HIIT classes that are part of TurboFire…I am always short on time and they definitely always leave me short of breath!  After completing the workout, I did a 12-minute standing ab circuit that found on YouTube.  I wanted to get some core work in today and plan on doing another quick core workout when I get home tonight.  My abs are definitely a part of my body that I want to work on more and there’s no time like the present!


Shortly after my sweat fest, I had to decide what to eat and I rolled with a bowl of cereal today.  I thought about doing eggs and toast but, as I was searching through the cabinets, my Frosted Shredded Wheat called my name.




I paired my cereal with a cup of French vanilla coffee and and prepped myself to do a job that I have a love/hate relationship with…balancing our checkbooks.


I love love love doing math and having the balances of my book and the bank match down to the penny!….However, I hate hate hate watching money leave the accounts, which is all that has been happening because of the wedding!  Oh well!  I guess such is the life of an adult!!


I have a few other little wedding things to take care of this morning and then I’ll be hitting the shower and getting ready for work.  Tonight, I’ll probably try to get in another quick workout and then unpack more of our shower gifts.  Lee’s aunt bought us the shower curtain that we registered for and I cannot wait to hang it!  Again…getting pumped over a shower curtain…such is the life of an adult!


Alright, friends, I hope you have a beautiful day!  Enjoy it with a smile!


With much Love and Laughter,


Something to share:  Who handles the finances in your house?  You, your significant other, or do you work together?  I do the majority of the bill paying but always consult with Lee on other financial decisions. 

Celebrating Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner, so I thought this would be a perfect time to share a fun story about a unique place we recently taped some shows: the USS Ross, a Naval destroyer! That’s right – not all tapings happen here in the Mr. Food studio. We love taping on location, if you read my story about the Ireland webinar we did a few weeks back, you would know all about that!

MF Navy Ship Celebrating Memorial DaySo, back to the ship. That’s what the USS Ross is: a big, beautiful Navy ship. Did you know that I was in the Navy? I sure do miss those days. I was lucky enough to stay out of the fighting, and I truly enjoyed my time on the USS Oglethorpe. I met so many great people, and made some of the best memories of my life.

All of those memories came rushing back to me when we taped on the USS Ross. What a day we had! We rolled up our sleeves and served all of the sailors breakfast, and then just sat around and talked. What did the sailors miss most? Well, first of all their families, of course, but also the food! I remembered missing those very same things…

It was just so nice to spend time with all of these wonderful people who serve our country. Many of them thought I was from their own hometowns, since they remember me from their local news programs – I always get a kick out of that! They showed me all around the ship, even to the bridge of the ship (that’s Navy speak for cockpit) – it all brought back so many great memories.

One of my favorites was this one time we’d been out at sea for weeks without any fresh food. One of my buddies on the ship was a wizard in the galley – and his specialty was dessert! He whipped up the biggest vat of pudding I’d ever seen. Two of them headed down to a cooler below deck, and as one of them handed the giant bowl down, he let go a little too soon and down went the pudding! We didn’t let him live that one down for weeks!

You can have your own pudding party right at home – only please, don’t drop the bowl! – with one of my favorite recipes ever: this tasty banana version.

In memory of all of those who have served our country, both in the past and present, we here at the Mr. Food team salute you! May all of your days be filled with plenty of pudding, and plenty of… “OOH IT’S SO GOOD!!”

How do you plan to support or salute our troops this coming Monday? I’m hoping for at least 100 great ideas that I can share to honor those heroes, so please – do tell!

It’s Time to Grill: Balsamic Barbecue Steak

This week’s recipe post comes to us from New York Post sports editor and self-professed foodie, Jarad Wilk, one of our newest contributors to Now that it’s officially grilling season, you may be wanting to break out of the normal hamburger and hot dog routine. Jarad starts with a simple New York strip steak and adds his own secret weapon: homemade balsamic barbecue sauce! It makes for one sizzlin’ grill recipe!

Here’s a scene for you to imagine: The sun is out, children are playing a wide variety of sports in the backyard as Mom sits in a chair soaking in the rays peeking through the trees. The high-pitched screams of smiling kids battle with the chirping of the birds sitting high up in the trees surrounding the yard.

But, where’s Dad?

Well, he’s in the house marinating a few steaks and some chicken with a big smile on his face and wearing an apron that says, “King of the Grill,” or “You Kill It, I’ll Grill It,” or “The Grillfather.”

Yes, it’s time to grill. And while some may rush for the classic hamburgers and hot dogs to kick off the grilling season, I say we start with something a little bigger and bolder. You’ve been waiting all winter to pull the cover off that grill, why not start with something like grilled chicken, lamb chops, filet mignon or salmon? Maybe be a little further out-of-the-box and make grilled peaches, grilled romaine, grilled potatoes, grilled corn on the cob or grilled Turkey and pear kebobs.

The options are endless, but whatever you decide to grill, make it a meal that would rival your favorite steakhouse or barbecue joint and grill everything ­- sides included. Enjoy the nice weather. Enjoy standing out in the backyard in front of that grill. Make it an experience, not just something you’re doing because you have to eat. And, most important, pay attention to the food while it’s on the grill – it’s good to have char marks, not a charred meal.

I started my grilling season with a simple New York strip steak with asapargus and onion – all easily grilled. And instead of using a store-bought sauce, I made my own (and my favorite) balsamic barbecue sauce. Pair that with your favorite salad and you’re well on your way to a great meal.

Jarad Wilk Grilling Blog Post 300x200 Its Time to Grill: Balsamic Barbecue Steak

Here’s what you’ll need for this healthy grilled meal:

Ingredients for Balsamic BBQ Sauce

1 cup Balsamic Vinegar

3/4 cup Ketchup

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

1/2 tspn. Salt

1/2 tspn. Black pepper

Combine all of the above ingredients into a saucepan and mix together. Once the sauce becomes smooth, let it simmer over medium heat and reduce by 1/3 for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Here’s the rest of what you’ll need:

2 1-inch thick New York Strip steaks

1 lb. fresh asparagus spears, trimmed

1 large Vidalia onion

Extra Virgin  Olive Oil



Garlic powder


1. After turning your grill on and letting it heat up, whether you have a coal or gas grill, always be sure to start by cleaning the grill with a brush to give yourself the cleanest surface to work on.

2. Take the Vidalia onion and slice it into 1/4-inch thick slices. Brush with olive oil and season with salt, pepper and any other seasoning you might like to use (I personally like to keep it simple with salt and pepper). Place the onions on the grill over medum heat. After about 2 minutes (or until char marks appear on the onion), flip the onion and repeat the process on the other side.

3. Raise the heat on your grill to high.

4. Season your trimmed asparagus spears with a drizzle of olive oil and salt. (Personally, I prefer asaparagus without pepper, but feel free to use pepper, too.) Grill the asparagus over high heat for about 2 or 3 minutes – or to desired tenderness. Rotate during the cooking process, but be sure not to let the spears fall through the grill.

5. Season your steaks with salt, pepper and a little garlic powder – this is something that should be done at least one hour before cooking, but can be done the night before. (You can also marinate the steaks in the Balsamic BBQ sauce or you can wait until cooking on the grill and brush it on.) Using tongs, place the steaks on the grill over high heat. Grill for 4 minutes on each side while brushing the barbecue sauce on the meat – even if you marinated the meat in the sauce. (Rotate after two minutes on each side if you’re a fan of grill marks on everything, but I suggest you just leave the meat alone).

6. Remove the steaks from the grill and let them rest for at least 5 minutes. They should be medium rare and ready to enjoy.