Let’s HIIT It

Good morning!!  Happy Tuesday!

Recently, my schedule at work changed slightly and now, on Tuesdays, I am either off or I start late around one o’clock.  Normally, I am an early riser and I enjoy getting my day started at the crack of dawn so I can be home in the early afternoon, however, I always welcome a little change to switch things up!  I absolutely love mornings and, because I’m usually at work before the sun comes up, I don’t get to relax and enjoy them as much as I like….but, now, with my new schedule, I know I’ll have at one morning a week to savor!



We have been experiencing a cold front around here and actually experienced some snow flurries yesterday.  I know.  Doesn’t that sound just completely awful?  I love all the seasons but I am more than ready for summer to be here!  This morning was chilly but the sun was warm which made it bearable, but I decided to keep my workout inside with one of my favorites…






I decided to do the HIIT 20 class.  I absolutely love the HIIT classes that are part of TurboFire…I am always short on time and they definitely always leave me short of breath!  After completing the workout, I did a 12-minute standing ab circuit that found on YouTube.  I wanted to get some core work in today and plan on doing another quick core workout when I get home tonight.  My abs are definitely a part of my body that I want to work on more and there’s no time like the present!


Shortly after my sweat fest, I had to decide what to eat and I rolled with a bowl of cereal today.  I thought about doing eggs and toast but, as I was searching through the cabinets, my Frosted Shredded Wheat called my name.




I paired my cereal with a cup of French vanilla coffee and and prepped myself to do a job that I have a love/hate relationship with…balancing our checkbooks.


I love love love doing math and having the balances of my book and the bank match down to the penny!….However, I hate hate hate watching money leave the accounts, which is all that has been happening because of the wedding!  Oh well!  I guess such is the life of an adult!!


I have a few other little wedding things to take care of this morning and then I’ll be hitting the shower and getting ready for work.  Tonight, I’ll probably try to get in another quick workout and then unpack more of our shower gifts.  Lee’s aunt bought us the shower curtain that we registered for and I cannot wait to hang it!  Again…getting pumped over a shower curtain…such is the life of an adult!


Alright, friends, I hope you have a beautiful day!  Enjoy it with a smile!


With much Love and Laughter,


Something to share:  Who handles the finances in your house?  You, your significant other, or do you work together?  I do the majority of the bill paying but always consult with Lee on other financial decisions.